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RandomYV simply gives you random video suggestions from the YouTube channels you’re subscribed to. It’s a straightforward way to explore content you might have overlooked.

Keeps Track of Your Views: We ensure that you won’t get the same video twice. RandomYV remembers what you’ve already watched from its suggestions, so each recommendation is something new.

Works on Multiple Devices: Use RandomYV on your phone or PC. It’s a responsive web app that provides suggestions you can view on your regular YouTube app. No extra bells and whistles, just simple, functional integration.



  • Rediscover Missed Videos: RandomYV helps you find older videos from your subscriptions that might have slipped through the cracks. It’s a chance to catch up on content you’ve missed.

  • Revisit Channel Classics: Some channels change over time. With RandomYV, you can enjoy videos from periods when you loved their content the most.

  • Surprise in Every Suggestion: Each of our random video suggestions offers a little element of surprise, adding an exciting twist to your usual viewing routine.

  • Nostalgic Reconnections: Take a nostalgic journey through older videos and their original comments, revisiting the moments that defined your YouTube experience.

  • Blend of Past and Present: Get a balanced mix of both old and new videos from your varied channel subscriptions, ensuring a diverse viewing experience.

  • Balanced Viewing: Avoid getting stuck in a loop with the same few creators. RandomYV diversifies your feed, giving less frequent uploaders a chance to be seen.

Get Started

Try It Out: Start exploring your YouTube subscriptions in a new way with a 30-day free trial of RandomYV.

Affordable Access: If you find RandomYV enhances your YouTube experience, continue using it for just $2 per month after the trial. Our billing is monthly for your convenience, and you can cancel anytime. Please note that already billed periods are not subject to refund.

Enjoy RandomYV for Free During Beta: As we perfect RandomYV, you’re invited to use it at no cost. Once we officially launch, an active subscription will be required to continue enjoying the full features of the app.

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